2021. 2. 19.

Congratulation on your graduation!

2021. 02. 05.

Congrats! One of our first members Gwanghee Park is joining Hyundai Motor in March 2021.

2021.1. 26.

Congrats! Our project was designated as one of the best research in basic research

supported by Korea Electric Power Corporation.  

2020.12. 7.

Congrats! Donghee Lee won the Dean's award at CAU Engineering forum 2020.

(Title: Vision based autonomous high-speed landing system of indoor UAV)


Congrats! Gwanghee Park won the best paper award at the KWEA fall conference 2020.

(Title: Optimization of tuned mass damper to reduce vibration of floating offshore wind turbines platform)


Congrats! Dayoung You, Wonseok Choi won, Jaeyoung Na, and Donghee Lee won the prizes at 2020 SUMMER/WINTER MESTER.


Congrats! Jaeyoung Na and Wonseok Choi won the best project award at AI training program with Python, 2020.

(Title: Selfie Robot with a Face Tracking Algorithm)